Key Concepts

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

For our project, culturally responsive pedagogy is a ‘keyword’ or ‘keyterm’, that invokes a complex set of debates, and in this case, as et of debates about pedagogies that have the potential to actively value, and mobilise the cultural knowledges, experiences and repertoires that students bring to the pedagogical relationship. As such we are not that concerned about asserting the ‘correct’ definition’ but instead we are interested in:

  • working with a Pan-Pacific archive to understand the debates that swirl around this term and articulate where we are positioned in those debates;
  • connecting up with the various cousins or synonyms[i], such as culturally sustaining[ii] to test whether these other terms contribute productively to advancing theory and practice;
  • working with the archive to devise a generative conceptual framework that can provoke teachers to redesign their curriculum and pedagogy in various contexts.

Our framework is informed by an archive of international research literature across the settler colonial countries.

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