Civil Rights Assignments​

Task 1: Global Civil Rights Timeline

Learning Goal: Students will investigate the struggles for human rights around the world. They will understand how rights and freedoms have been ignored, demanded or achieved both in Australia and the broader world context.

Task: Develop a timeline of important dates (10-15) identifying the key events of the civil rights history, or of a particular movement, within a chosen country. You may like to focus on the country of your family heritage or you may choose to research and gain an appreciation for the experiences of people in another country. For each identified date/event you need to provide a brief summary of what took place and how it contributed to the progress of civil rights within that country.

In your timeline you need to include:

  • Dates and recognised names of events that took place (Eg. 26/01/1938 Day of Mourning)
  • An explanation of what happened on that date (in your own words)
  • Who was involved, both in a positive or negative capacity
  • Where did the event take place?
  • What were they trying to achieve?
  • Why is it a significant date/event?
  • Photos or images relevant to each date/event may be included
  • Bibliography

Task 2: Civil Rights iMovie Project – Civil Rights Film Festival

Learning Goal: Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of an event or global Civil Rights Movement and how it has influenced other cultures and countries, including the Australian Indigenous civil rights movement to achieve change for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other groups around the world.

Task: Students, individually, will research a significant event from one of the events from the Civil Rights movements presented in Task 1. They will then produce a multimodal presentation in the form of an iMovie with an interactive component for students.

Throughout the presentation you should include:

  • An explanation of what the event is/who was involved or led the movement
  • Date
  • Who?
  • Where? Include a map
  • What were they trying to achieve?
  • Why is it significant?
  • Photos, images, interviews, videos, first-hand accounts
  • Primary and secondary resources
  • Include at least one interactive activity for the class to do before, either during or after your presentation. Eg: Quiz, handout, Kahoot, Questionnaire, etc.
  • Bibliography

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